The Different Versions of Poker Games

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The glorious game of poker takes many, many forms. Some are easy to learn, and some take a little bit longer to grasp, but they all take a huge amount of time and practice to become both proficient and, hopefully, profitable!

Stud Poker

One of the earliest forms of poker is of course Stud Poker. This game also has many different incarnations such as 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Stud. The main difference between Stud and other more popular games of poker is that in Stud you only play the cards in your hand, there are no community cards as in Texas Hold Em or Omaha.


Omaha is another very popular form of poker which once again has different incarnations as well such as Hi/Low in which the object is to get both the highest hand AND the lowest hand or one of them to win the whole pot or a portion of it.

Omaha, as in Texas Hold Em gives the players 5 community cards in which to use in addition to your “hole” cards. The primary difference is that in Omaha you get 4-hole cards and are forced to use at least 2 of those cards in addition to the hole cards where in Texas Hold Em you only get 2-hole cards and do not have to use either if the community cards comprise the best poker hand by themselves.

Draw Poker

Draw poker is also a game played by many and in this format, the player is dealt all his cards face down so that no one can see their cards and the players have the option of switching or “drawing” up to 3 new cards by giving up an equal amount that they have been dealt. In this game, the player usually has 3 opportunities to draw new cards before they must show their cards and the best poker hand wins the pot!

Dealers Choice

Many people who are familiar with the game of poker grew up playing what is often called “dealers choice” where the person who is the dealer gets to select the form of poker they will play often playing games that include many “wild cards” that can be used as whatever denomination they choose.

Some of these game have very colourful names such as “Acey, Deucy, One Eyed Jacks” or “Kings and Little Ones” in which the mentioned cards become wild cards when held by the player to make a better hand.

The Basics

No matter what form of poker you are playing the rounds of “action” are typically the same.

Most of the time the game is comprised of 3 rounds of betting, raising or checking.

This means that the players can either check their hand or not bet, bet their hands, which means they will put money in the pot first or call another player’s bet which means they just match that bet or raise that player by putting even more money in the pot. Of course, the other option is to throw away your hand in the face of a bet or raise by folding your hand.

The Versatility of Poker

The reason why poker has lasted through the ages is directly related to the fact that there are so many different forms making it almost certain that a player will find one that appeals to them.

The fact that the stakes you play for is completely up to you is another strong motivator for many players.

Tournament play or cash game, Hold Em or Omaha…the choices are endless.

Find your niche and make some moves and hopefully make yourself some serious cash